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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The last sip of coffee

You know when you are sitting down with a cup of coffee, and for some reason it just makes you feel warm and relaxed all the way down to your soul?
I love to sip it slowly as I am reading my Bible and just soak in the stillness and the peace that comes with a warm drink and God's Word. And then you realize you have just one sip left.
What comes next? The rest of the day. The signal that life is moving on. Ready or not.
That's what I was reminded of today as I was reading.
I was doing a little study on my thoughts.

See...I am having a problem with my thoughts lately.
They are taking everything over, and I don't mean that in a good way.
Thoughts can be totally crazy town for me.
They come barging into my life and act all like they're the boss of me.
It comes with imaginary conversations I am having with people.
It shows up with feelings of sadness, irritation, frustration with other people.
And it leaves me with feelings of discouragement and being overwhelmed.
And I am saying this as if they are just coming in on their own. As if I have no control over them.
But I found this particular verse in Acts 8 super interesting. It says to pray and ask God to forgive the thought of my heart.
Say what?
I thought that just came in and there was nothing I could do about it?
Aha. There's the trick, my friend.
James tells us that I am tempted by my own evil desires!
It is my own bad desires that lead to bad actions.
This is clearly never shared with people in today's world.
Come on now, imagine someone actually being responsible for their own actions?
I am constantly hearing the blame game going on. It's never my fault, no!
It's the way I was raised, or the way someone else treated me, and on and on the list of who-to-blame goes on.
But the Bible is clear.
I am responsible even for my thoughts.
That's why Corinthians talks about taking those thoughts captive and bringing them to the obedience of Christ.
Imagine the control and power we have been given?
We don't have to blame someone else now and live in that miserable place.
We can just take responsibility for it, ask forgiveness for it, and move on!

That is a way better option.
My thoughts naturally come in and focus on the negative. On the critical.
I then have the choice to take those thoughts. Ask forgiveness for them and claim victory over them.
Living a life of freedom is incredible.
A life of freedom from blaming other people. From excusing my behavior. Of shifting responsibilities.
The responsibility is mine. And I can take that responsibility and give it to God. Unreal.

So as I sat there this morning and read my Bible. As I thought about the weekend events, and the people who didn't show support, and the negative feelings I got from some of the people I bumped into...
I had to stop right there. In my tracks.
And take those negative, critical thoughts that sadly show the condition of my own heart.
And I needed to take them captive and give them to God...where they belong!

I can live a life of freedom from blaming others. From being hurt by others.
And I sipped that last cup of coffee with a new feeling.
A feeling that brought up so so many people who did show support this weekend. So so many people who poured out love and laughter and fun into my life.
And I stopped focusing on the negative and ya know what?
Those positive feelings and thoughts?
They are way better, yo.
Like. It doesn't even compare to the negative feelings!

It's like so simple. I don't know why I don't choose the simple route more often. Really.
And it makes that last sip of coffee way less depressing! ha!

What did your last sip of coffee look like today?
Did it remind you that a stressful, overwhelming life was staring you in the face?
Because if it did...you march your butt right back over to the coffee pot and make another cup and give yourself a second chance for that last sip.
Change your focus.
Change your thoughts.
Change your heart.
Let the positive rule. It's a way better way to live.

My weekend had some negative feelings in it. Yes.
But it had way more positive.

AJ had his piano recital and did an awesome job.
Both boys had soccer tournaments.
We had an awesome time with some super hard working and committed church family at the parade.
Then had a great time playing softball together.
Oh yes. The weekend was good.
And now I have a ton of stuff to do to plan for the SURGE teen leadership conference, the coffee house to plan for the end of June, working on The Porch website, the styled shoot I am planning, editing, and a million other things I have going on.

So much good to focus on.
And I now feel recharged and ready to go.
What are you focusing on today?

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