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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Claiming 2014...one month at a time.

So last year, I decided to do a new week's resolution.
And let me tell you...I kicked that week's butt.

But for some reason, this year I feel different about the whole  new years resolution thing.

This year?
I decided to do things a little bit differently.
I warned you that I was going to get all up in your grills about plans and dreams.
I can not go back on my word.

I have learned a lot of things from 2013.
Sometimes looking at the past can bring up memories and hurt that you just don't want to even remember, much less dwell on!
But at the same time, there are definitely benefits that come from looking at the past.
It can remind you of things that worked in your life, and things you need to get rid of.
It can remind you of the things that God has done to bless you,
and also of the hard times that He has pulled you through!

I have some pretty big dreams for this year.
I honestly think that 2014 is going to be the most amazing year of my entire life.
I am so excited for the friends and visionaries that God has chosen to surround me with this year.
I have always been a people-person, so going through exciting things like this with incredible friends makes everything so much more fun!

So here's where the getting all up in your grill part comes in.

Are you ready for it?
Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions, I want us to set New Month's Resolutions.
Every single month... It's less intimidating that way.

Ya know how when you eat a half a brownie it's not as bad as eating the whole thing...even though you go back 10 minutes later and finish the other half?

That's how it is with this.
We are going to pick a few things to do just for this month.
We can do it!
And I decided to make things easy for you and make a list.
I know, I'm so nice.
Lists make everything easier, and doing things together does too.
That's why me and you are totally gonna be bff's for January.
(And even though I shouldn't tell you this, we probably will be for February and every other month too!)

So go here and get your copy of the list.
The one and only, totally awesome, we ain't afraid of nothin, we are going to change the world list.
No really. Go get it.
I'm waiting. Because I need to explain it to you while you're looking at it.
Ok...do you have it? Are you looking at it?

You can either download it to your computer - if that works best for you.
Or you can print it out and keep it by your bed, on your bathroom mirror...whatever.
I am going to print mine out, because I want to be able to write on it with a pen. Just my preference.

There is going to be something to memorize at the top of the page for each month.
This month is Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry.

We are going to memorize that together.
Then you are going to fill out the rest of it.
Pick a word for this month that you are going to focus on.
Focus on the positive. If you have issues with being fearful? Pick fearless as your word for the month.
If you tend to be a negative person? Pick positive as your word! You get the idea.

The rest is pretty self explanatory!
Here's where me getting too close for comfort begins.
But only if you want.
Fill yours out tonight (or tomorrow) and then email or give it to me.
Say whatt?!
I know. It's scary. But let's face it.
Being accountable makes us stronger. And isn't that what we want?
To be stronger?
I know I do.

We can do this together!
Stop procrastinating!

If you want things to be different this year than they were last year, you have to do something different this year than you did last year!

So who's gonna give it a try?
If you hate it, remember...it's only for January!
You don't have to commit to anything longer than that for now.
Just give it a try.
Who knows...it may be exactly what you need!

And I will be memorizing along with you, and filling mine out right along with you!

Let's claim 2014. Like a boss.
One month at a time.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A little New York New Hampshire lovin

We always love getting together with Adam's brother and his family.
They're from New York. We're from New  Hampshire.
Other than that, we are the same.
They have a house full of boys. We have a house full of boys.
They love to eat. We love to eat.
They love soccer. We love soccer.
They are loud and crazy. We are loud and crazy.
James and Adam look a lot alike. Which has nothing to do with anything except they just do.
We have a little (well, a lot) of New York New Hampshire lovin going on when we are together!

There has been a lot of nerf gun wars, lego playing, video games, soccer and movie watching.
Since Bethany and I are just finishing up busy season, we haven't really been in the mood for taking a lot of pictures.
We have been in the mood for drinking coffee and just sitting and talking.

This morning, my mom offered to come over and watch all 5 boys so we could have a little double date.
She is so thoughtful and sweet all the time, and we totally enjoyed our time out.
Then this afternoon, we spent a couple of hours at a super fun, get-all-your-energy-out-at-somewhere-other-than-my-house kind of a place.

And I managed to grab a few shots as the boys were having fun at cowabungas!

We are not looking forward to saying goodbye tomorrow morning!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just to warn you...

I'm about to get all up in your grills.

What do I mean by that?

Well..normally I kind of despise new years resolutions.
Like totally despise them, actually.

I kind of feel like it is just setting myself up for failure.
I set all these goals because I am feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed on January one.
And then by the middle of March, I'm like totally over it.

Anyone feeling me?

Well, this year I think that it would be best if we make some resolutions.
Yep. Just you and me.
Let's just make a couple little things here, and a couple little things there.

We are better together.

Do not forget that.
So together we will be.

See - I happen to think that there is a reason for everything.
There is a reason you are reading my blog.
There is a reason we are homegirls now, and there is a reason we will be able to dream a little bigger, push a little harder, be a little better - together!

We can do great things together!
Two are better than one.

So...Be thinking.
Be thinking of small ways you want to change.
And then stretch yourself and be thinking of possibly some big things you want to change.

I am going to do a post with a bunch of my resolutions...which I shall now call plans.
It sounds much less intimidating, don't ya think?

And one plan I have for this year is to run another marathon.
26.2 baby!
I am so excited!

And you.
Yes, you.
Listen up.

Start planning.
Then Ima get alllll up in your grill and push you.

Because you know you want someone to push you.
You were just afraid to ask.
So let me save you the trouble.

I'm. it.
Boo ya!

Let's go change the world!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from my family to yours

This was our first Christmas in our new house.
It is so fun to have firsts!

When I was little, one of my favorite part about Christmas was when my Grandparents would sleep over on Christmas Eve. The memories I have from that still make me smile.
Me, my sisters and brother would get up early and make breakfast in bed for my grandparents and parents.

I am like a totally huge and crazy making memories and tradition kind of person.
Family is so important to me, and nothing has made me happier than watching family love and adore my children as they are growing up.

I asked the boys if they thought it would be fun to have Nanny and Grampops sleep over on Christmas Eve.
They practically jumped on me and screamed yes!

We had a beautiful Christmas Eve service at my church, (my church family rocks my socks off)
and then my parents came over to celebrate.
It was perfect.
Like...exactly how I pictured it.
Christmas music playing, lots of food everywhere, family just happy and content.

This morning, AJ and Ry got up at 6:30 and made breakfast for my parents and me.
(Adam doesn't like to eat first thing in the morning!)
I had to sneak downstairs and watch them as they were in the kitchen.
They were dancing.
And it was totally adorable.

Anyways, we then went downstairs and had Ry read the Christmas story
Then my dad prayed and thanked God for His incredible gift of SALVATION.
It is so amazing to know that my entire family has accepted that gift!
That makes every Christmas even more special.

We opened presents, had my brother, Bobbi and the girls over, watched Despicable Me 2 (Thank you Ron and Bobbi!!)
And then went to my parents for a delicious turkey dinner.

We are all sitting around.
In sweat pants.
No lie.

The boys are playing on their brand new laptop and we are loving life.

I am so sorry to my parents that I did not take one single picture of you!!!
But I am so incredibly thankful for you...
*for the amazing memories you gave me growing up
*for the way you love and adore my boys so much
*for the way that you continue to be an example of godliness
*for the way you love people...including opening an unexpected visitor to Christmas dinner as if it was perfectly normal. That is how you've always rolled.
*for making everything a lot more fun.
Thank you for creating new memories with us!

This was a good day.
I am so content.
Thankful for a husband who loves and spoils me.
Thankful for kids who still think their mom is cool. ha!
And thankful for an amazing relationship with an indescribable God who loved me enough to give His life for me.

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!
Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Who uses personal checks anymore?!

First of all, if you ever happen to see me in line at a store...
Do not.
I repeat.
DO NOT get in line behind me.
I assure you it will absolutely, positively be the slowest line ever.

Deciding to go grocery shopping at walmart 2 days before Christmas?
Not my smartest move.

Getting in a line with a sweet little old cashier?
Also not my smartest move.

One (of many) questions I have is directed to the person who was standing in front of me.


People. It is literally almost two thousand and fourteen.
Surely you have at least a debit card at this point in your life.
At least she didn't say - who do I make the check out to?

And what's that, sweet little cashier? You can't find the buttons to properly run the check through?

They probably aren't even in existence any more!!!

Oh for the love.
I mean, I am totally trying to promote peace on earth here, but this was making it pretty difficult!

Don't worry, by the time she actually go to me, I think she was just so tired out from the previous transaction that she wanted some company.
Ya know...just to chat.

I kid you not when I say that she scanned my ice cream through.
Bagged it.
Looked into the bag she had just put my ice cream in.
Looked back and me.
Looked back into the bag, and said...
Did you buy the Edy's cappuccino crunch ice cream?

Um. Yes.
Yes. I did.
Did you want to try some?
Ok...I didn't ask that last part, but I wanted to.
I honestly was telling people who were standing in line behind me to just move on to another register.
And I watched them all waltz past me just as my cashier was getting to the bag of Hershey's semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I remember what she was scanning, because I was answering her question of (while she paused to talk to me of course, because how can you possibly talk and scan at the same time?)
Are you going to be doing a lot of baking? That sounds so fun.

And then there was the...ooooh. Frozen pizza dough... already made!
That will make things a lot easier, huh?

aiy yi yi!

What I should have done was given her my card and asked if she wanted to go out for coffee later.
Because she really was sweet.

It was just that grocery shopping is pretty much my least favorite thing in the whole world to do, and I was kind of just in the mood to get in and get out.

But for real. I survived it just fine, and I am not trying to complain all up on here.
I just wanted to give you something to smile about, and to just always know-

I will pick wrong lane.

So don't follow me down the same path, unless you want a good laugh.

And also?
If you are still using checks at walmart?
Do the people behind you a favor and move on to debit cards.
They work like a charm.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Family Photographer ~ Epping, NH

The Holt family...

I kind of love them.
I can tell that (especially the boys) totally love me too.
I mean, what middle school and high school boys don't love having some crazy photographer all up in their grills with a camera trying to get them to smile?!
Ok, maybe not.

I have had the honor of photographing this gorgeous family before
And I absolutely love every second I get to be with them -
I feel a special connection with families full of boys!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day

And then...Dawnalee went and bought me this awesome necklace!

And today? Another one of my awesome clients bought me chocolate and a gift card to starbucks.

I have amazing clients. Truly. 
And a lot of times...we end up becoming bff's. So you may want to consider that before you book me! ha!

While "busy season" is winding down as far as outside sessions go, I am also offering lifestyle sessions!

The more news stories I see about tragedy's happening that leave a family missing loved ones, I realize even more the importance of photographing the moments you're in right now.

Lifestyle sessions are the perfect session if you want your everyday, real life documented.
The stages your kids are in, the sometimes mundane parts of your day, the moments you feel like you want to hold on to forever.

Contact me if you are interested in booking (or gifting!) this kind of session!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The pre-post about the actual post that will come after the pre-post is written.

All of my friends are writing about their big plans and dreams for 2014.

My friends Angelsea and Heather are starting this crazy-awesome venture together.

My friend Gabrielle is planning huge things for this coming year.

My friend Tiffany is always planning something new and amazing.

My friend Kristin has this awesome ministry that is growing like mad.

My sister and her husband are starting a brand new ministry that is taking off.

And I could list a ton more people who have huge plans and dreams for this next year.
And I will be in the coming months.

I just happen to have pretty amazing friends!

And for me?
This year is looking to be the most amazing, fulfilling, HUGE year I have ever had.
I am almost just like unable to handle the thought of it all.

My amazing husband just took me away for the night last night.
We filled a notebook with dreams and plans we have for this year...it's the kind of dreaming that is so big, and so almost unbelievable that I can not wait to sit back and watch God do what he does best...

The Impossible!

Nothing will be impossible with God. nothing.
God doesn't only choose to bless and use the wealthy, the famous, the great.
He chooses the lowly. (remember the shepherds?)
He chooses people who are prepared. Who are willing. Who are obedient.

So be ready.
I am going to be writing about some of these dreams very soon.
But for now? This is just the pre-post about the actual post that will come after the pre-post is written.

Stick around.
You are going to want to be a part of all of this...

Trust me.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barcelona Soccer Bedroom ~ Before and After

Ry's bedroom was a big mess, just like AJ's was.
(You can see AJ's before and after from his Real Madrid bedroom here.)
We are dealing with uneven walls, floor, and pretty much just your typical old house problems.
Luckily, I am not a perfectionist at all!!

It had painted blue floors, and blue walls, and pretty much blue everything.
I don't have a before of the blue walls, but here it is after the priming, and before we started the very tedious job of painting stripes on the walls!
(I did not realize how big the walls were before we started!)

Here it is in the middle.

And here it is fully painted, before we put any furniture in and after we got it carpeted.

Then you add a real, live boy?
And it's a little bit of mayhem.
I like for my boys rooms to be just that - a boys room!
I'm not crazy psycho about everything being perfect and matching this that and the other.
If they kick a ball and something breaks, I don't want to be out a ton of money.
Most of the stuff we buy is from yard sales, craigslist, or thrift stores.
No pottery barn catalogs for us!

So here it is...well lived in.
He loves collecting rocks!

 Let's keep this closet door closed, shall we?
Note the lack of organization under the bed...and also?
The floor is normally COVERED in legos, but I moved them for the pictures!
 His bed is also normally covered with stuffed animals, but we moved them before we had family coming for Thanksgiving...you can barely even fit one person in that bed when all his buddies are there!
And he still sleeps with his puppy and puppy blanket everynight.
So there it is.
Another room completed...we are getting there!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas baking and memory making

I really try not to bake a lot.
Because. see...well.
I have a problem with cookie dough.
There. I said it.
It feels so good to have it out in the open.
I could honestly sit down with a bowl of cookie dough and eat the whole entire thing.
The problem is, you don't realize you have just eaten a dozen cookies, because you're just getting spoonfuls!
Am I right?!?
Tell me I'm not alone!

Anyways, I decided that since it's Christmas and all, nothing can beat a little Christmas music,

and a little quality memory making with my boys!
AJ made chocolate chip,
 And Riley made heath peanut butter cookies

And I sampled.

We should totally do this again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

How many gray hairs can you pull out before you go bald?

No really.
I am seriously wondering.

I have never dyed my hair. But dudes...I am now in my mid thirties.
ok, ok...I am in my late thirties
Night after night the harsh light of the bathroom keeps practically screaming - you are old!

So do I have to just bite the bullet and go get my hair dyed...colored?
See? I don't even know the right terminology here!

I really don't think pulling hair out is going to be my best option.
I am pretty sure I would rather be gray than bald.
But then there's the upkeeeep, and the cost, and ugh!!
I just don't think I'm ready for this.

I mean, it's the holidays.
Isn't this the time my days are supposed to be merry and bright?
And Here I am looking for merry and dark!
Ya know, so as not to show the gray.

So you can see my dilemma.
What is a girl to do.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Townsend Family Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving this year was at my new house!
It was everything I hoped for and more.

We started with a cell-phone drop off area.
Yep...No need to have anything to distract us from good ole family thanksgiving!

Then the rest of the day was just spent relaxing and enjoying being together
I really did not have any desire to be documenting the entire thing with my camera...I just wanted to be sitting there eating pie, drinking eggnong and talking.
But I did manage to grab a few pictures of the day
 The boys pretty much spent the majority of the day playing video games, or blasting music with the disco ball going. Ha..they totally cracked me up and I wish I had video of it!
And Maelyn found a great napping spot on her favorite Auntie's bed!

 I kind of love my kitchen.
And I love it a million times more when it is filled up with my family!
I know this video won't mean a lot to most of you, but there was something about the noise in the kitchen that just made me so incredibly happy.
It was a house full.
And the noise represented everyone being together.

Is it weird that this makes me tear up just watching it?

Can you guess which plate is Adam's?
We have this woman from our church, Jean, over for holidays and have for years. She doesn't have any family around and there sure is enough of us to go around!

Football time!
Then it was time for dancing...

 But the real pros show us how it's done...

Bobbi tells a mean story!
You have to watch Callen telling me about his swamwhich.
This is the only picture I got of my and my sisters and brother...It is totally blurry, but I love it anyways.
Love these people so so much.
And that is the recap of the Townsend Family Thanksgiving.
It all just makes me smile.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Vente caramel brulee late, my Bible and a notebook

I have purposefully avoided talking about the fact that I turned 37 last week.
Wow...it actually looks older when you see it typed.
Anyways, since I have the super cool starbucks app on my phone (I know, I'm so hip)
I got a free birthday drink. What could be better than that.

Today, it was needed. And I mean seriously needed.
I decided to go by myself.
Yep...that's right.
A little time by myself, before I spent time at The Porch. Which is very much not by myself.
I went to order and the girl asked what size I wanted.
um...this is free, right? Ya. I think I'll go with the vente, thankyouverymuch!

It. was. amazing.

I consider myself to be an extrovert.
I love being with people, and I love being busy.
But sometimes. You just need some time alone.
It's funny, because I have this big, huge house. And I have the ability to set my own schedule.
But there is something about being in your house that constantly requires something to be done:
laundry, dishes, cleaning, editing, homeschooling, emailing...
and you can feel like you're just going to do *whatever* real quick?
But it always turns into one or 500 more jobs, and before you know it, the day is over.

I don't necessarily think that starbucks will always be my first choice for "alone" time with God, but for today it was just what I needed.

I brought my Bible and a notebook, and I just started reading.
And writing.
I read the first 11 chapters of Joshua and furiously wrote down a million things that God was practically screaming at me.
He had probably been saying it gently and kindly for the last month but I have been so busy doing all the other things that can fill in your life without your even realizing it that I don't really think I heard it so clear.

Sometimes, the people in your life (whether it's in real life, or through a blog, instagram or facebook) that you think are encouraging and inspiring you?
May not be.

Hear that.

Sometimes, the people in your life that you think are encouraging and inspiring you, may not be!

We should always be doing a little clean-up of our influencers.
And today I had to hide some people on facebook.
(not unfriend them, because I think I've made it pretty clear that I don't roll like that)

I just realized that what I was reading and seeing everyday was not benefiting me.
It was not uplifting me, and to be honest? I was finding myself getting negative and critical.
Not a place I enjoy being in for a long period of time.

I am definitely going to be getting away more often to spend time with God.
I so so want to hear from Him.
I so so want to be close to Him.
And I so so want to be living my life in a way that is in complete control and surrender to Him.

Today. I realized that I have a tendency to hold on to things.
A variety of things.
Some of them are good, and some of them are not.
Some things I don't even want to be holding on to.
And some things I think I do, but only during the times that I forget who is ultimately in control.
And...when I am holding on to things so tightly, it becomes impossible to hold on to the one thing I need to be clinging to tighter than any other thing...
And also. It does not allow for me to receive anything from Him either.

Not a place I want to be.

I was reading and writing so quickly today, that I didn't even realize it had been 45 minutes and I had to leave to go to The Porch.

That is what I love.
That is what I always, always want.

So today..my vente caramel brulee late, my Bible and my notebook were exactly what I needed.

And I gotta tell you.
Between the caffeine and the stuff I was learning?
I was a crazy fool by the time I was with all the teens at The Porch!

So if you feel like you are just missing out on something...get alone with God.
I mean it.

Get alone with God.

Make the time. It is so worth it.

And be staying tuned for some pretty awesome dreams Adam and I have.
I can not wait to share some of the things God has been showing us.
I have no doubt God is going to blow our minds.

Good night...at least I hope so.
Who knows what a cup o' caffeine can do to a girl!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The great santa clause debate

I see it all over the place...people debating on one side or the other about good ole santy.

You have one side all bent out of shape claiming you are robbing kids of their very childhood by keeping the beauty of santa out of Christmas.

Then you have the other side claiming that kids will turn into lying fools if you tell them there is a santa.

So...my view?
Well, I actually don't really want to get into it.
(You were all ready getting all worked up, weren't you?!)

We didn't do santa when I was growing up.
When Adam and I had kids we had to decide what we were gonna do.
And...if I'm gonna be honest and just lay it all out on the table..
Here it is:

I want credit, people!

I work my tail off to make money.
I fight the crowds at the mall.
I buy the presents, wrap the presents...

For the love of all that is good!!!

You better believe I am gonna get the credit for all that!
Not some imaginary fat man in a red suit.
Come on now! ha!

We really do work hard at keeping honesty as something that is  highly elevated in our home.
We didn't feel like telling our kids something that wasn't true went along with what we wanted to hold to.

At the same time, I don't think that if you are choosing to teach your kids that santa is real, that it automatically means your kids are going to grow up to not trust you, and to ultimately fail in life.

Fortunately for me, I am not held accountable for what you do with your kids, just what I do with mine!

And let's be real here.
I have so many other things I need to be spending my energy on!

I have to figure out how to get the Christmas lights up on my very tall roof,
I need to manage my weight while eating every kind of new m-n-m that comes out,
I have to decide if we are going to watch White Christmas, or It's a Wonderful Life tonight,
I need to deal with my procrastination with shopping...

Who has time to deal with all the santa hub bub??
Plus, I still like the Frank Sinatra version of Santa Clause is coming to town.

There are certainly enough controversial issues going on all around us that are actually worth debating.
I just don't think this is one of them.

So...I think It's a Wonderful Life is the movie of choice tonight, and I have a big handful of m-n-m's to go grab and indulge in.

Good night everyone!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Sometimes God chooses the lowly

Do you find it strange that God chose the shepherds to be the first people to hear the announcement that his son was born?
They were considered to be outcasts, and had really bad reputations!
That is a pretty significant assignment, don't ya think?

I love that about God.
You just never know what He's going to do next.
Who He's going to use.

So if you are feeling like you are just not good enough?
Remember that sometimes God chooses the lowly to do the most significant and valuable assignments.

And if you are feeling like you have really arrived, and you are all big time and everything?
Remember that sometimes God chooses the lowly to do the most significant and valuable assignments.

So you better be ready!
You never know what God is going to do, and who He's going to do it through!

Thursday, December 05, 2013

My dream house

Christmas lights make me happy.
Ya know what I mean?
You can just sit there in front of a living tree that has been chopped down and is now sitting in the middle of your living room. It is covered in white lights.
And for some reason? You just feel all happy and peaceful.
Weird, right?
I wonder who started that trend, anyways. 
I can just see it now...uh. You're bringing a tree INTO your house?

There are days that I walk around this house and am just in complete amazement.
I am living in my dream house.
I mean it.

I have always, always loved old houses, and I always, always wanted to live in one.
It was for this very time of year that I would always dream about.
It is such a beautiful time of year, and I am so happy that I just can't stop smiling.

I hope you have a beautifully decorated tree in your house that is making you smile tonight!

My stockings are hung. My lights are up, and the only thing left to do is watch It's a Wonderful Life.

Happy Christmas time of year!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The world needs more eulogys

The world needs more eulogy's.
It's true.

A speech or written tribute, especially praising someone who has died.

I spent some time tonight at a funeral.
It was the funeral of a man named Ron, who went to my church for years.
He meant a lot to me, and to my entire family.

I have actually been to more funerals than I could ever count.
Because my dad is a pastor, He has conducted hundreds of funerals.
Ever since I was about 10 years old, he would often ask me (and my sister) to sing as part of the service.
I have sung at probably a hundred funerals.

Each time I am at a service, I am always amazed at something:

People spend so much time giving eulogy's.
It's like all the years and years of memories are compiled into one long expression of love.
But the thing is? They person they are expressing all this love to can not even hear it!

I spent tonight listening to person after person get up front and share what Ron meant to them.
I heard them say how much he encouraged them.
I heard people express their appreciation for the prayer warrior that Ron was.
They shared how his love for God's Word encouraged them to love God's Word more.

And on and on it went.

I couldn't help but think..did Ron know all these people adored him so much?
Did he know how much it meant to people that he was such a great pray-er?
Did he understand that people appreciated his humor? His smile? His faithfulness?

It was then that I realized.

The world needs more eulogys.

I want to challenge you.
I want to challenge myself.

Compile all your thoughts and feelings towards people you know.
Maybe they are people in your family, maybe they are people you know from your church.
Maybe they are people you know from work.

Then write all the things you appreciate about them.
I mean...really. Write it all down.
It's not going to take you a very long time.
Be specific.
Act like it's actually a eulogy.
Take some time to think about what you love, what you appreciate and what has helped you become a better person because of them.

Then email, mail or text it to the person.

Life is short, people.
We have absolutely no guarantee of tomorrow!

I can't tell you how much it means to me when I get a text or an email from someone expressing how much I mean to them.
It's like the little boost I need to keep me going.

Everyone deserves that.

Make a decision to give this gift of love to a different person every day for a week.
Maybe even for the entire month of December!
Would it be that hard?
And just imagine how much different life would be if we all spent time expressing love and appreciation to people in our lives who are special to us?

Who knows if you will be giving someone just what they need to get them through the day.

So go ahead...Who is your first person going to be?

Let's start a new trend.

Dudes... the world needs more eulogy's.
Let it start with us.
And let it start long before anyone else's funeral.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

In case you haven't met my family...

It was a weekend full of family.
Put that together with a Christmas tree and Christmas music, and you have me all sentimental-like.

I thought it was only right if I took a little time and thanked all of them for being so amazing.
So supportive of me.
So loving towards me and Adam and the boys.
So incredible.

We spent some time Thursday looking through some old family photos.
It reminded me of the fact that my parents worked hard to provide us with a loving, godly home to grow up in.
I know that it wasn't always easy, but they kept (and continue to!) God first, their marriage second, and their kids third.

I am so grateful for what God has blessed me with, and for the amazing rewards that I am now receiving because my parents determined to be faithful in serving Jesus!

So...in case you haven't met my family -

My parents:
My sister Erika, her husband Matt and kids - Caleb, Leah, Cameron, Brianna, Andrew, Alissa and Micah.

Me. obv.
 My brother Ron, his wife Bobbi, and their girls Lilla and Emmi (with another little girl on the way!)
 My sister Melanie, her husband Chad and son Callen and baby girl Maelyn.
I am reaping the benefits of my parents (and my in-laws) decision to Keep Jesus first!
So happy.

In the house of the righteous there is much treasure.

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