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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a boy and his guns

some mom's are totally against their kids playing with guns.
i don't really see the harm in it.
the way i see it -
the amount of time i am investing into making sure they know what God requires of them?

(to act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God)

will be everything they need to teach them how to handle a gun, a relationship, their money, and everything else they are ever going to need in life.

one of aj and riley's favorite parts of the new house is their "clubroom" which is like a little hard-to-explain room in between the bedrooms.
there is a little closet which riley has claimed as his gun cabinet.

i thought it was so cute to see him drilling screws into it so he could hang everything up.
he now has more stuff in there and i think it is so cute to watch him and aj playing with them.

so yes. my boys have guns.
yes. i let them play with them.
and no. i am not worried about it.


  1. Terrific post!! I share your feelings completely and Luke will continue playing with your boys and the gun!!

  2. Soo cute. I love this so much. So fun for them!! Will see it soon!!!!


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