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Thursday, March 07, 2013

dealing with disappointment: the sequel

so 7 months ago i wrote this post here about dealing with disappointment.

i opened up a little bit about where me and adam were when it came to wanting to buy a house.
and the disappointment we felt when God shut the door.

well. the sequal to the story is this.
God never stops writing your story. ever.
and he is always working behind the scenes even when we don't see it.
and he hadn't said no after all!
not that i am saying he always ends us giving us our way, but in this case...he truly blessed us and we are very overwhelmed.

we put an offer on this house we fell in love with on march 5th,  2012.
we closed on it march 7th, 2013!!
we ended up paying thousands of dollars less than we would have if we had signed last year.

to say we are excited is a pretty big understatement!

we have a decent amount of work to do before we move in and i can't wait to show a bunch of before and after pictures!
thank you so so much to everyone who has been with us all the way through this.
we honestly have the most amazing family and friends.
my phone has been buzzing all day long...makes me smile every time it does.

i just love when the second part of the story is better than the first :)


  1. Love the look of your new house. It has such charm and is so pretty. Isn't it neat when God blesses us in way we don't think will happen? So excited for your family.

  2. Soooo thankful!!!! Welcome to your new home:))))) I love it!! Cannot wait to see all the prioress!! It is going to be great!!!! So so sooo happy. This is the best sequel!!!


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