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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

revenge of the wallpaper

working on an old house is pretty exciting.
you just never know what you're going to find! we literally found an entire room we did not even know existed until after we closed on the house! the boys are having so much fun exploring!

one of the rooms upstairs was covered in this really hideous wallpaper.
adam took on the project of scraping it off.
imagine his excitement when he found another layer of wallpaper underneath!
oh and just to keep things new and fun...another layer under that layer!
oh jeez! who does that?!?!

it actually reminded me of what we do in our own lives sometimes.
instead of taking the time to remove the wrong things we do, we kind of just cover over them. hoping that the new "wallpaper" will cover everything up and make people believe that there was never anything there in the first place! this may work for a while, but eventually the truth is going to come out, and our ugliness is going to show and need to be fixed anyways!

sometimes it does take a little bit longer to get rid of the ugly wallpaper in the first place, but it is worth it in the end when we see how good the whole room looks!
the same with our lives...it is always better to just keep everything current in our relationships with others, and our relationship with GOD. keep things up to date now, so we don't have to scrape everything off and start all over again later!

*we are still in the process of scraping, painting and cleaning. but i did want to give a quick before and after. the after is not quite decorated and finished, but i thought some of you (aunt tracy) would appreciate a picture :) 
this is my library and i can not wait to have all of you over to come sit and have a cup of coffee!
 and this is a picture of the entrance we use which leads into the kitchen.
this picture was the first picture i saw online which made me fall in love with it!


  1. i need MORE!!! you cheapskate. next time, i expect there to be at least twenty more pictures :)

  2. I need more tooooo!!! This was so much fun to see. Love the before and after!!! This looks amazing!!! Keep up the great and hard work:)

  3. I agree with the pictures... that is such a tease! I also need pictures of Adam taking off wallpaper! I think that is a hoot! Better yet, just give us lots and lots of video... that may help! :)

  4. It's gorgeous...I love old homes with charm!


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