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Monday, March 04, 2013

happy birthday adam!

so tomorrow is adam's birthday.
i'm pretty sure he hates the idea of it.
mostly because it means he is now the "same age" as me.

most of you know our little love story that started in kindergarten.
but if you're a new follower you can read it here.

i am so incredibly blessed that God put us together.
in some ways we are so completely different.
like, for example, our speed.
if you know us at all. you know exactly what i mean.

he does everything in what seems like slow motion, in comparison to my
utterly crazy hyper super fast...ness.

but there are many things we are alike with.
we love watching sports.
we both enjoy shopping. honestly - he is my favorite to go shopping with!
we love antiquing.
we love teenagers, and anything to do with ministry...we both thrive on it.
and we love our family.

he is an incredible person, and i really don't think anyone has ever met him and not liked him.
he has a way of making anyone feel comfortable.
he truly cares about other people and their needs.
he puts the needs of me and the boys above his...all the time.
he is totally committed to God. i mean totally.
i can not tell you what that means to me.
i have seen my two little boys stay up late at night with a flash light JUST to make sure they get their Bible reading in.
he is a dreamer. and i love that about him.
he believes in me and encourages me to dream big too.

he is an incredible leader.
he makes me laugh. mostly when i am annoyed and don't feel like laughing :)
he can talk anyone down at a yard sale. haha!

he is amazing. and i know how lucky i am to have him.

happy birthday adam!
thank you for choosing me.
i love you.  


  1. Oh, I LOVE THIS POST!!! I am so proud of the man that my brother has become! What a great example to all of those young men that he mentors! Thank you for loving him, Shell, and taking such great care of him. I know he loves you back... he IS buying that dream house this week, right? :)

  2. Love these pictures!! Great post!


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