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Thursday, March 21, 2013

why i expect my boys to obey

my kids are not perfect.
and i have never tried to paint the picture that they are.
i do, however, expect obedience from my boys all the time.
i just expect it.

there are 2 reasons i do.

the first reason, is because my believing and expecting them to do right gives them confidence to do so. if i am always showing them that a bad attitude or bad response is..well, what i see coming?
i think that they will start doubting their own actions and reactions.

the second reason is because i work really hard at preparing my boys.
how do i do that you ask?
thanks for asking!

well, i like the way this quote says it...

the Bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Bible!

i have started preparing my boys for this battleground called life since they started talking.

psalm 119:11 says it this way.
i have stored up your WORD in my heart, that i might not sin against you.
and so.

we teach our boys to store up, or hide God's Word in their hearts!

they can tell me that children need to obey their parents.
they can tell me that they should be slow to speak and quick to listen.
they can tell me that a fool shows his annoyance at once.
they can tell me that bad company corrupts good manners.
they can tell me that a man who shows self control is better than the mighty.
and a lot of other things too.
can you see how these things are going to prepare them for life?
how these things are going to show them that obedience is expected of them...
not only from me and adam. but also from their teachers. their authorities. their bosses. and on and on it goes.
it also reminds them that God blesses obedience!

a couple of things that i do with my boys to help them memorize verses

*write down a verse on paper and cut it out into squares with 1 word for each square.
have them put the "puzzle" together.

*write down just the first letters of each word and have them try to say it that way.

*and sometimes i make up songs with the verses. sometimes i dance. sometimes i rap.
sometimes i like to make my kids laugh. haha!

i love watching my kids grow and learn.
i have loved watching them read their Bibles with the readings that all the adults at church are doing. most nights they ask me if they can stay up a little longer and read their Bibles!
um...YES, please!!

the more they read. the more they know.
the more they know. the more they do.
and that is why i expect my boys to obey.
you should try it with your kids too!


  1. this is great! love the puzzle idea!! and the rap:) the first letter of the word always helped me!! love those boys!


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