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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

turning off the bad noise so you can hear the good noise

ya know how sometimes there is noise going on in the background, but you don't really realize it? so you kind of just start talking louder?
i've done that before when i am driving in the car, and i am trying to carry on a conversation when i realize that the radio is on a commercial, and it is blaring!
so then i shut it off, and it's like.
i can think! i can talk!
today was oddly quiet.
it was like i had shut off the radio, and all i was hearing was what God wanted me to hear.
i shut off facebook and all the "noise" from the voices i was hearing there...were stopped.
it was like...peaceful and refreshing.

now, in case you are thinking - oh! she must have had a relaxing, lay-in-bed and watch tv kind of a day.

i spent about an hour painting at our new house.

the principal took over with the math teaching,

while i some much needed time with my mom...including a delicious lunch at the loaf and ladle.

then i spent over 2 hours in one of the loudest places in town...The Porch seriously. check out the video on our website here. it is pretty loud. (another post for another time about what those kids at the porch mean to me. i can't even tell you how crazy i am about all of them!)

then i had praise team practice,

and then went straight from there to lead our young adults group.

during the day, i had 16 different people texting me...some asking for advice.
a lot asking for prayer..

and that was my peaceful, quiet day.

because the noise was the noise that God wanted to be in my life.
does that make sense?
i think i have been allowing whatever and whoever to be having their voice heard and maybe it's not even what God wanted me to be hearing!

so i am enjoying this little time away from the wrong kind of noise.
this week...i only want to hear the noise God knows i can handle!

turning off the extra noise allows me to hear the good noise of
my boys giggling while they wrestle
the verses i read in psalm 119:69-72
the kids at the porch calling my name (and asking for more food!)
my husband as he teaches God's word at our group
this amazing song we are singing sunday

and on and on it goes.

are there any noises that you need to shut off so you can hear the good noise?
it is so amazingly refreshing. just try it!

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