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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the benefits of music

when i was growing up, we always had music playing.
i hate to even say it, but it was sometimes with records! oh jeez...could i be any older?
i remember listening to the peterson sisters, bj thomas, and every maranatha singers cassette tape there was. i think there was like 9!
there were always truths being played in the background all day.
i remember dancing to it, singing into my spatula/microphone to it, vacuuming to it...i just remember it playing constantly.

i have to say it affected me so much.
sometimes we just need to get our minds off ourselves. our problems. our finances. our LIFE!
and focus on God.
the giver of life.
i look back now at my mom...pastor's wife. mother of 4. living in a tiny home. with very little money. very few true friends. and yet she decided to have truth being played, sung, spoken into our lives from a very early age.
what a gift she gave us.

too many times, i allow the tv to be on instead of the music.
really. i confess it!
even as i think back to my day today...i should have had music playing way more.
i want my boys to be able to look back and remember hearing these truths...constantly.

music does affect you. don't even try to tell me otherwise.
it can affect your mood, your attitude and therefore your feelings and your actions.

try a little experiment.
play some music tomorrow all day.
i mean...some good, solid, worship music...hillsong, matt redmond, meredith andrews

let this verse be true for you...

when you are feeling down.
when you are feeling overwhelmed. ya know, at the fact that we woke up to this

this morning!!

it's ok! let God be the one who lifts up your head.
let your heart be just a little bit lighter when you understand that He will never leave you alone.
let that music fill your home and fill your heart.
but be warned...it will make you feel better!

1 comment:

  1. I love this!!! So so true.

    Despite the snow, in march, that is a great picture!!! See you soon!!!:)


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