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Thursday, March 14, 2013

reliving the 1940's

as many of you know i am part of an incredible group of almost 3,000 christian, women photographers led by my super sweet friend karen stott.
i was honored this year to be asked to be the northern new england leader.
it has already been an incredible 3 months!
i have gotten to know the most amazing women who have been such a blessing to me.

i am beyond excited to be hosting a workshop at the end of this month!
i have decided to have a 1940's styled shoot, which will include 4 models, make up artists, hair dressers, tons of vintage clothing and props and many local photographers!
i am even a little more excited to be hosting it at my new home, which will be the absolutely perfect setting!

i am always looking for an excuse to go antiquing, and this has made it even easier to justify it! ha!

so. what i am looking for from my peeps here, is any old 40's looking prop, jewelry, clothing, magazines, you name it...that i can borrow for the day!
i would LOVE to try and be the coolest leader in the u.s. by even having a vintage car on the property to use! 
come one...someone must know somebody dying to show off their vintage car, right?!?!

i have all kinds of different spots in the house that are going to be accessorized and i.am.dying.
like...dying of excitement with the very thought of it! seriously! i am giddy right now!

if you have anything or know of anyone that has anything i could borrow, please let me know! 
the shoot will be on the 23rd of march.

i already have a lot off stuff, but you can never have too much!
oh...and please don't leave a comment through facebook since i am not on fb right now.
email me at 
info @ rachellechasephotography.com
or leave a comment here!
here's a very small sneak peek of what i have. 
i mean, come on! i don't want to give too much away!

one more thing. i am currently accepting "applications" for one more model for the day.
i would prefer is she was in high school. anyone interested? 
email me for a chance to win!

if you're at all interested in a little history of the 1940's, 
(like the fact that in 1940 the average price of a car was $850.00!!!)
check out some fun facts here!

can't wait to spend the day reliving the 1940's!!

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  1. Soooo much fun!!! Cannot wait to see the pics of this day!!:)


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