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Monday, March 25, 2013

what should i write...what should i write...

i first started my little bloggity in 2005.
i only wrote 19 posts, and the following 2 years i wrote a total of 3 big ones.
i mean come on though...i had 2 little boys. we had started and sold a business. we moved - 3 times, i think? we went on a few missions trips, and a few million other things.

so here i am now. i blog about many different things.
my family.
my faith.
my photography.
my every day life.

there are days that i have a blog post just screaming inside my head and i know i have to write it down.
there are other days when i just want to post about something lighthearted.
sometimes i am excited to showcase some awesome photo shoot i just had!
i can see that a lot of people read my posts (thanks to google analytics.)
and i can see what brings them there.

honestly? my goal with my blog is not to attract more clients for my business,
although it has sometimes done that.
it is to be able to be an approachable person who can share the love of Christ who affects my life in every way with YOU. my readers.
i want for you to see that the Bible is sufficient.
all you need. for all your life. forever.

and that is my goal.
sometimes i wonder if i bore people. or if i annoy people with the way i write.
but the good thing about computers, is you don't have to read this!
you can go right up to the top of the page and get rid of what is in front of you.
and i don't even have to know you did it!
so i will continue to write a little bit about deep stuff.
a little bit about totally random family things.
a little bit about my photography.

and just keep plugging away.

and for tonight. i was going to write about something really basic yet convicting that God taught me.
but you can rest easy. i'm not gonna go deep tonight.
i think i will leave that for another day.

so i will just give you a little me-and-adam story.
when we were in high school together, we would stop at mcdonalds a lot after soccer games.
healthy, right?
i was kind of known for having a big appetite.
after one soccer game in concord, i remember ordering a big mac, mcchicken...or was it 2 mcchickens? a large fry and a soda. i just like to eat, people!

so last night. i was feeling kind of emotional. and just tired out.
i was so in the mood for mcdonalds. and trust me...that is really saying something.
we do NOT do this...like..ever.
if we stop at mcyd's i always get a grilled chicken wrap and a side salad.
but last night was different, and i wanted to relive my past.
so adam and i ordered....

yep. you got it.
judge if you want to. but i have got to say...i felt like i was 17 all over again.
it was amazing.
weird? yes...weird what food can do to you. how it can bring back all kinds of memories.
oh ya, and bring on some major weight gain too! ha!
well...sometimes you just gotta not be concerned with unimportant things like fat grams and calories. i mean. i wouldn't suggest doing this very often, but hey. it was fun.
and don't worry. we had diet coke.
i mean come on now! you didn't think we were going to totally blow it, did you?

good night everyone!


  1. You are so stinking cute! and can I just tell you that by far my favorite ever is the McChicken. It's the only thing I order whenever I go there which is also not often. I knew you were special. In a really awesome way sort of special.

  2. :) love it. And those fries and those yellow wrapped sandwiches, look sooo good whenever I see this pic.

  3. you are way to cute and you deserve it


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