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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

don't look up the hill when you run

i have run a lot of miles.
a lot.

there were mornings i would get up when it was still dark out, meet my dad at his house,
and prepare to run 20 miles.

it was daunting to even think about it sometimes, when i was still exhausted from running around all week with a 1 and a 3 year old!

because i live in a very hilly area, i learned something real quick.

whenever there was a hill coming up, i would just look down at the pavement and take it

i didn't look up and see how ever-loving long it was.
i didn't look up and remind myself that i could never make it.

i just kept my eyes down. at my feet.
see, when i did that...it just looked like my feet were hitting the pavement.
which they were.
it was just the same.
it was a run.
it didn't look any different going up, it was just my feet taking one step and then another.

because, honestly it would not have mattered if i had seen the size of the hill.
i was still gonna run it, because i had to finish my run.
i had to get home!

it is so exactly the same in our lives.

what does it matter to worry and look up and see how difficult the road ahead is going to be?
maybe it is true.
maybe it is super long.
maybe it is super hard.

but maybe if i just look down at my feet...my every day life.
i can just take one step at a time.
and i can make it!
i know that God is ultimately in control, and He is not going to give me more than i can handle.

so forget that hill.
forget that huge problem that is coming up in front of you that makes you feel like you will never be able to make it.

just live your life today.
get through this step.
then worry about the next one.

just put one foot in front of the other.
and before you know it?
you're gonna be on top of the hill looking back at what you just accomplished.

you can do it!
run on.


  1. You and dad taught me that hill running method, and it definitely works! Such a great analogy for life. Thanks for sharing. One step at a time!

  2. great analogy.


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