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Thursday, July 11, 2013

brimfield antiques: watching my boys imitate daddy

one thing about adam. he is a bargain hunter.
i love that about him.
we have been going to yard sales together for years. and thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores...
we just love it.
i love a bargain, and adam is great at dickering.
if he sees an item for 10 bucks? he'll offer 5.
we have gotten some awesome deals over the years!

every year, we travel to the brimfield antique show. it is the largest antique show in the country!
it is miles. and miles. and miles of booths set up with antiques and all kind of treasures.
you just never know what you are going to find!
i remember travelling with aj when he was 2 weeks old.
ya. we're hard core like that.

this year, my parents (who are also into antiquing!) wanted to take the boys.
they gave them money and made a day of it!
but of course, me and adam didn't want to miss out on the fun either! so we went one direction, they went the other.

aj is collecting old oil cans, and riley is collecting yo-yo's.
they had an awesome time checking everything out.
i loved to hear all their stories:
aj found an oil can he liked.
he asked how much it was.
they guy said 5 dollars.
aj says...can you do any better than that?
ha! learning early...

aj managed to talk a guy down from $25 to $5!!

yep. these boys are already imitating daddy!
and i love it.
here they are with my dad, and one of aj's oil can finds!
and of course...we stopped in the middle for some pizza!
it was a long day of walking, but it was so much fun! aj got 6 oil cans, and ry got 3 yo-yo's.
last year, i got a ton of stuff for my business, including an old coca cola advertising box, and antique quilt (which i use for just about all my family sessions!) and a bunch of fabric i used for my newborn sessions!
this year, i didn't get anything for the business, but me and adam got a few things for the house, and my dad got some stuff to resell. 
it was an all around great day!

it is about a 2 hour ride home, and we had fun sharing our stories of good deals with each other!
oh ya...and playing with legos, and the ipod!
already looking forward to our next trip there!

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  1. Great pictures!!! Looks like fun:) so glad the boys got some fun things...and for such great deals;)


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