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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

sister connections: photo session giveaway!

i have 2 sisters.
i can not even imagine my life without them.
sometimes girls can be so hurtful, and there is something about having a sister that just makes you feel secure...makes you feel like no matter what, you will have someone there to have your back.

i remember getting a text from one of my sisters when i was going through some rough friendship problems that said "don't mess"

it was like. enough said.
she had my back no matter what.
i always know that with both my sisters.
we are forever friends, with a relationship that nothing else can compare to.

these pictures of us aren't like incredibly amazing or anything, but even just looking at them can make me all emotional because there is so much there.
so many times that they said nothing, and it meant everything.
that i said too much, and they understood.
if you have a sister you're close to...you know exactly what i'm talking about!
because of this closeness we have, i wanted to be able to be a part of other sister connections and give other sisters some images that they can hold on to for the rest of their lives.

so...for a limited time, and a limited number of sessions, i am offering sister connections.
i will do one session per age group.
each session will last a full hour to give us time to relax, and really give me time to get true, heart felt, raw emotion captured for you.

because i am so excited about this, i will be offering

one free session! (*print credit not included)

yes, you heard me right! one free session!
the way to enter is to email me your best reasons why you think you (or your daughters) should be selected to win this session!
i am really looking forward to reading all your reasons.
i could think of a million reasons for me and my sisters!!

i am so so excited to get started on this project.
it will be like nothing i have ever offered before.
because spots are limited to only 4, i am requiring a deposit of $100.00 at the time of the booking to hold your spot.

so don't wait any longer!
email me to reserve your spot, and/or to give your reasons and qualify for a chance at your
free session!

*if you reserve your spot, and then win the giveaway, your $100 will be refunded.

"a good friend knows all your best stories...a sister has lived through them with you."

true that.


  1. I love this!! What an awesome idea!!! There really is nothing like having two~ amazing sisters. So thankful for our friendships!!! Love all those pictures of us:) especially that last one. Don't think I've seen that one!! xoxoxo

  2. who needs brothers, right?! =)


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