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Friday, July 19, 2013

the joys of living in an old house

so remember my relaxing day yesterday?

well, at the end of the day, i came home.
as soon as i walked in the house, i thought i heard a weird noise.
but it had just started raining and the boys were outside putting their bikes away.

so i said to myself, i said...
rachelle. chill out. just chill out.

and then i saw a black shadow behind my kitchen curtain that went along with what i now could identify as a fluttering noise.

oh. my. head.

please tell me that is not a bat
(you can refer to this post to see why i may have been freaking out about a bat!)

but no. as it swooped towards my head, i realized it was just a bird.
ya. just a bird.
in my kitchen.

ok. calm down, rachelle.


i got aj and ry to come in the house and i opened the door and windows while aj got a broom and tried to shoo the bird out.
it finally flew out after flying into a few things in the kitchen.

ok. take a deep breath.

i went to the hallway to go upstairs and tell adam what had just happened when i saw something black out of the corner of my eye.

no. way.

another bird!
sitting on the door of the sunroom.

i literally started crying.

this time adam, aj and ry all took over and figured a way to get the bird out the door.
there was now poop all over everything.

(adam cleaned all of it up for me. yep. that's the kind of guy i married.)

at this point it was pouring outside, and when i cautiously walked back into the kitchen to identify another noise i heard, i was relieved to find it was just the kitchen ceiling leaking.

ya, don't worry...just a leak in the kitchen.

now i can't go into one room in the house without freaking out.
i saw a frog on the window when i got up this morning.
it was on the outside, luckily.

so when you see this gorgeous old  house?

know that the window you see on the third level...is probably swarming with bats.
(i will not go up there to check, and it stinks because i really want those shoes up there!)

and the rest of the house is probably filled with every other kind of animal you can imagine.

hopefully i can sleep tonight.
the joys of living in an old house!

so...happy friday everyone.

hope yours is filled with....nothing.
nothing at all.
no bats, no birds, no bugs, no leaks.

just smooth sailing.


  1. Oh my sissy Kins....you poor thing. If its not one thing it's literally another!!!! It is a beautiful beautiful house. We just have to take care of some inside issues. Hope you clear everything out soon. There certainly has not been one dull moment since you've moved in!! That is for sure.

  2. oh my word. i don't envy you. we've had a bird in the house once that got in through the garage and i'd rather not ever repeat the experience. we also had a chipmunk running loose once when our cat brought it in from outside! both in which case, i didn't take ANY part in the removal process.


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