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Thursday, July 04, 2013

thankful for the things i take for granted

today i am thankful for things that i admit i sometimes take for granted.
i am thankful for my freedom.
that one sentence means so much because that freedom...
that freedom that people give their lives for...
means that i can have these books on my bookshelf and never fear that i will be killed because of it
means that i can put Bible verses up in my house without having to hide that i live by the Bible
because people have decided to give their lives to fight for that freedom, i get to spend time with my husband and my kids today, while others have to stay strong and pray their husbands safely home.
i am thankful that these people have made this choice on their own.
for the love of freedom.
for the love of giving that right to our country.
i am so thankful.
i admit that days go by and i do not express my thanks the way i should.
so today, i am saying just how thankful i am.
thank you to all of you who are giving up your spouses for a while. (Deb)
thank you to all of you who are fighting to keep our country free. (Kevin)

i am mostly thankful for Jesus. who paid for my sins so that i can have true freedom.
freedom from the law of sin and death.

happy 4th of July.
i truly pray that God will continue to bless America, even though many have chosen to turn away from Him. He is our only hope.

today. i am being thankful for the things i take for granted.

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