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Monday, July 08, 2013

the best day of my life...

might be tomorrow.
it might be.
i mean...i really don't know, but that's just it.
i don't know!

ya know how there are days, weeks...maybe even months where you feel like you are just barely holding on?
like at any moment you may very well just fall apart?

you might be feeling like that right now.
you might be feeling like there is no way you are going to make it.

let me just remind you today.

nothing is bigger than God.

not your problems, not your finances, not your bad relationships, not your sorrow, not your pain.

God is waiting for you to call to Him.
that's it.
just waiting. for you. the one HE created to finally...
say out loud.

i give up!
i can't do it alone!
i need help.

and when we call on Him.
he promises to answer us.
he promises to take our burdens, take our worries, take our cares.

and take care of them. all.

he doesn't even need us.
but for some incredibly unknown reason, he wants us.

he wants you!

imagine that?
the creator of the world wants a relationship with me?
wants a relationship with you?

stop trying to do it on your own.
you have no idea what God has planned for you.
if you just give everything to Him.
keep holding on.
keep fighting.
keep trusting.
and if you do?

tomorrow might be the best day of your life.
it might be.

of course, it might not be.
but if it's not?
hold on until the next tomorrow...maybe it will be that one.

if you want to see some pretty amazing stuff that make you realize how small and insignificant we all really are, i would recommend you watching this video by louie giglio.

when i see this picture...

do you know what amazes me the most about it?
look at how big it is. and look at the fact that you can not even see humans.
not only can you not see humans, you can certainly not see the brand name of the clothes those humans are wearing, you can't see the kinds of cars they drive, the houses they live in or the titles they hold.
it is just earth.
as God created it.
and it reminds me that God created all of us equal.
he loves all of us equally, regardless of the titles we, or others give ourselves.

that's MY God.
the one that i serve, the one that i worship and the one that someday i will see face to face.

if that doesn't get you through the day, i don't know what will!

and if you have no idea what i mean by all of this? please...please...please don't ever hesitate to email me and ask.
~ajnrileysmommy@ hotmail . com~
i would love to talk to you about it.

check out this 3 minute preview of a movie called indescribable.
it is pretty amazing.

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