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Friday, July 05, 2013

stirrup pants, banana clips and jelly bracelets

it's amazing how looking at a picture can bring back so many silly memories!
i had so much fun going through some pictures of things from back in the 80's...
thought i would share the fun with you...well, at least all my old readers. ha!

oh my...remember the good ole banana clip?!? yes. i think i had one in every color. 
red was my favorite.
and not only did i own a million jelly bracelets, i loved the awesome way you could combine them together...remember?!?
 anyone? anyone ever have this rabbit bank?
how hilarious that my kids will literally never see the scrambled channels, and also have no clue why an oven dial would be on a television. or where in the world it would even fit for that matter!
oh ya baby! hair spray up the wazoo! i mean.. for me personally? it was salon selectives.
that pretty pink bottle and the smell of apples with every spray!
and there were a lot of sprays!
how about the juke box at the tables? i think it was papa gino's? i'm not sure.
and this paper!! i forgot it existed! had to line it all up just right. 
we used to make long birthday "banners" to tape up when it was everyone's birthday.
oh ya. classy. that's how we rolled.

library fun.
to be honest, i don't even go to the library now.
(sorry to all of my in-laws/teachers who just gasped in disgust)
i have this issue with remembering to return books.
no lie. i just returned a book a couple months ago that was due in...
2009. yep.

hard to even remember these days! i remember as clear as anything getting lost...
searching for a phone booth. searching for dimes under my seat and calling my parents for directions. crazy, right?
and the yellow phone? i'm pretty sure i had that exact one. long chord and all.
oh the projector.
this brings back bad memories of writing up praise songs for church services!

remember these spin-till-you-puke rides?
ya. genius.
clearly not invented by a mother.
oh, dude. i rocked out my stirrup pants. and i especially liked piling the slouchy socks every other color on top of each other.
neon colors. obv.
and last but not least. this death waiting to happen.
sure. let's take a sick, screaming child and shove a piece of glass filled with mercury in it.
again. not invented by a mother!
love all the modern day inventions we have today!

i hope that this brought a little bit of fun.
and a lot of smiles.
please let me know if i forgot any big ones!!
gotta love those 80's!

happy friday, everyone!

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