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Thursday, July 18, 2013

everyone should be so lucky...

to know my boys.

i am serious.
i mean...i know they are mine.
but seriously, they are so much fun to be with.
they love to laugh.
they are thoughtful.
they are happy with anything.
they are amazing friends.
they are just plain awesome.

so today, i needed them.
i needed them to just love me as their mom...
i needed them to be there to laugh with me, to play ball in the water,
to swim out to the rocks, to be happy with  no time schedule, and a 50 cent slushy.

and they performed perfectly.

it was a perfect day and these 2 little munchkins...errr...grown up boys... continue to make me smile constantly.
yep. you would be lucky to know them.
everyone should be so lucky.

i love them.

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  1. I am one of those lucky ones!!!! How cute are they?? And how are they growing up so much. Those burgers look good right now. I want one! Wish I could spend days at the bay with you guys. I wish. Loved these pictures!!!


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