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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

remembering to breathe

picture an old shed, filled with weights and work out equipment.
the morning would start by lighting a kerosene heater and trying to run in place to get your body used to the below freezing temperature.
then the work out would begin.

this is how i spent some of my mornings when i was in high school.
my dad and mom were crazy about working out and keeping their bodies in shape (and i am very grateful that they instilled that in me!)
my dad would be my spotter and he would push me until i thought i couldn't go anymore...
then say -
ok. 2 more!

sometimes...when i was pushing so hard, he would have to say...rachelle! don't forget to breathe!
it's weird how you can forget to breathe like that!
you'd think it would just come natural. 
i mean. it's what we do to survive.
but sometimes i would be working so hard and focusing so much that i would really forget to even take breaths.  

i couldn't  help but think of this as an analogy, especially lately.
life is full.
just when you think it's going to slow down? it doesn't.
it does not ever ever stop.

it's like you have to make a conscious effort to even do the normal every day things that you thought you could never forget.

when my kids were littler, i can remember so many days when i would notice at about 4:00 that i was starving. only to realize i had forgotten to eat all day!

in all of this, the biggest thing i have to remember is...

my time with God.

i simply can not afford to forget to do that.
it is so incredibly obvious when i do!

it is my food. my spiritual food that keeps me strong and that gives me the energy this body needs!

i love this space that God has given me to spend with him in the mornings.
it is quiet.
it is peaceful. 
and i love it.
i sit here and soak in what i can and remind myself of things that i know are true, but that i so so easily forget.

i read today in jeremiah...
Their Redeemer is strong, the Lord of hosts is His name; he shall throughly plead their cause, that he may give rest...

oh i needed this today.
my Father. my incredibly loving and merciful Father is pleading my cause!
do you even get the enormity of that??
the fact that when we choose to live lives that please God, we have him working things out behind the scenes, figuring things out that i don't have to?
it just blows my mind.

i love in isaiah 32 where it says 
in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

that's it.

i need to remember very few things.

i need to be quiet, and i need to be confident in him.
that's when i have strength.

sometimes i get so busy running around and trying to do everything.
trying to be everything.
that i forget to breathe.
i forget the basic little things i need to remember...

i am nothing. He is everything.

when i remember that, my life goes smoothly.

i hope that tonight. as you are reading this.
as a million thoughts are running through your head (if you're anything like me!)
you can stop yourself and remind yourself to breathe.
remind yourself that the only way you are going to be able to have the strength you want?
is to be quiet and rest in God.

rest in Him tonight.

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  1. Such a perfect reminder. Thank you!


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