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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rachelle Chase | Senior Photographer Exeter, NH ~ Lizzie

I'm sure you remember Lizzie, the winner of my cover model contest!
She is one of my models, and I love her!

Well, we booked her session.
We picked the location.

Then. As soon as she pulled into my driveway, it started raining.
not perfect.

Well...it was only sprinkling.
So, I thought - we will just go with it. I'm sure it will die down.
Orrrrr...pick up.
either one.
It pretty much poured the entire time. No lie.

Anyways, I had an umbrella that we incorporated into the shoot, and we just got creative!
We had so. much. fun.

And she is absolutely gorgeous. As you will see.
Here are a few of my faves from the night!

I told you we laugh a lot.
Seriously...we had so much stinking fun.
She was the most fun to be with.

 Model, much??
Thank you, Lizzie for an awesome time.
You made my job so easy.
Hope you have an AMAZING senior year!!

ps. The winners of my giveaway are:

Earrings: Abigail, Virginia
Record Case: Brenda, Texas
(I will contact you for your addresses. Thank you everyone who participated!)

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  1. These are awesome!!! Cannot even tell it was raining. Beautiful pictures!!!


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