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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

my exciting weekend...weddings and hamsters and bats oh my!

this weekend had a lot going on.
i had booked a wedding months ago for july 13th
(with a sweet girl who i think everyone should be friends with. she's just that awesome.)

adam's sister had gotten engaged and decided to plan her wedding for the same day!

there was really nothing adam or i could do, and so i tried to not think about the fact that my second shooter, and the man who makes my life so much less stressful, and more fun on wedding days was going to be miles away from me.

and adam started planning his trip to florida.

i wanted him to be with me.
i also wanted to be with him. (and his family)

it was not the ideal scenario, for sure, but we had to figure out a way to stay positive.

my amazing friend ruthie was my second shooter, and did an awesome job.
i don't think i could have had anyone else besides adam...she understands my craziness and can read me really well.
the wedding was perfect.

adam had a great time with his family, and his sisters wedding went off beautifully as well!

i consider myself to be a pretty independent person.
but this weekend reminded me of how much i need adam.

he just sets me at ease.
he calms me down.
he is much slower when i don't stop.
(he texted me breathe and slow down. and then he texted ruthie to remind me to slow down! ha!)
i just need him.

moving on...for a couple pretty big reasons that i will not get into on the world wide web, adam and i felt it would be safer if i stayed at my parents for the nights he was gone.

saturday night, i came home to grab clothes for sunday and we realized...
wait for it, because this will shock you.

taco was on the loose again.

oh. my. ever. loving. word.
(and just for kicks? this morning i was up at 2:00am looking for her again.
am i on candid camera or something?? i mean..for real?!?  how does this keep happening??)

she could have literally been anywhere! we had no idea how long she had been gone.

i prayed first.
not sure how many times God has heard a prayer like...Lord. you know how much i can handle. i am exhausted. please, oh for the love of peter, paul and mary please show us where the hamster is!!
he answered, and aj found her under riley's bed.

then i decided to run up to the attic right before we left to grab my favorite shoes.
they are black flowered stilettos, and they are pretty amazing.
anyways, i opened the door, and saw something that made me slam the door shut again.
i wasn't positive what it was, so i made aj come and check with me.

oh. don't worry. it was a bat.
a bat.
a dead bat.

oh great. now i had to change my plans for my entire outfit!
you have got to be joking me right now.

i still had in the back of my mind that i had to finish preparing for the ladies sunday school class i teach, and find a song to sing for special music.

i just wanted adam.

adam made it home monday morning at 11, and my world was better.

we had a meeting this morning at 9, and the rest of the day was spent in air conditioning.
cleaning. recovering. working on my computer. and just relaxing.

my kids are amazing and can adapt to any situation.
they are very helpful and understanding of our busy and crazy lives!

so...reading, puzzles and air conditioning pretty much summed it all up.

days like this are so needed.
and i definitely see a beach day in my future.
oh ya, and a call to an exterminator.

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  1. Neverrrr a dull moment!!!!! right???? Love the pics of those boys:)


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